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D-Link DWL-P50 Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Adaptor

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Product Overview


The DWL-P50 Power over Ethernet Adaptor is a single-port injector that provides DC power for a non-P-equipped device, such as a surveillance camera or a wireless access point. It is designed to operate with LAN switches and other equipment that support industry-standard 802.3af Power over Ethernet (P) to deliver operation power to the networked device, allowing you to install the device at places such as on a rooftop or near a ceiling, where power is not easily accessible. The DWL-P50 supports both 5VDC and 12VDC power and can be flexibly deployed with network devices with different power voltage requirements. The DWL-P50 is useful for installation at a factory or TM Wi-Fi hot spot. This compact Adaptor allows you to install your surveillance cameras and wireless LAN devices on a building rooftop, on or near a ceiling for maximum coverage. Your cameras or wireless access points can be placed up to 100 metres away from a power source. It is at these places that wall AC outlets are inaccessible and providing power to these locations is difficult and expensive. The DWL-P50 is also handy for installation at offices with Internet telephones connected to a P Ethernet switch. It eliminates the need to individually power each IP phone. By transmitting remote power through the standard network cabling, the DWL-P50 ds away with the need for an AC outlet at each device location. Only a single Ethernet cable is run to each device instead of separate power and data cables.


On a standard 4-wire UTP Category 5 cable, only two pairs (pins 1, 2, 3 and 6) are used for Ethernet data transfer. At one end, your P Ethernet switch inserts DC voltage into the unused wires, taking advantage of the unused pair of the network cable wires. At the other end, the DWL-P50 taps the DC power from the Ethernet cable for use by the non-P device. Consequently, a single Category 5 cable can now carry both Ethernet data and DC power. The idea is to supply the remote end with power and Ethernet connectivity via a single network cable. In addition to eliminating the need for additional, separate wiring for power, the DWL-P50 is also a useful tool that forms part of your centralized power network installation. A central UPS can be added to the P switch, to which all your wireless access points, surveillance cameras and Internet phones are connected. This installation provides uninterrupted power without the need to deploy a separate UPS for each device. The DWL-P50 is very small in size and lightweight and requires no configuration setting. It is designed for quick and easy deployment, and can be hooked with a simple plug to a network device placed on a high wall or ceiling. This P Adaptor supports both 5V and 12V DC output, allowing you to deploy it with a variety of devices with different power requirements. A built-in slide switch allows you select the required power output.

Product Features

  • Provides DC power over existing Category 5 cable to wireless LAN device
  • Cuts costs and provides convenience
  • Protects wireless LAN device from possible power-surges
  • Supports both 5VDC and 12VDC power (selectable through a slide switch)
  • Very compact size, lightweight
  • Complete plug-and-play installation, no configuration setting or installation tool required
  • No software required, O.S.-independent

Product Extra


Faulty product warranty is handled by D-Link and they will sort with the end user directly. Get the end user to contact the below. Home Product Support (Wireless/Broadband) - 0871 873 3000 Business Class Products (Mgt Switches, Smart Switches, Firewalls) - 0871 873 0909 For RMA Enquiries - 0871 873 3000

Click here to download the full D-link warranty in PDF format

Business Class products are to come directly to D-Link as we offer a next day swap out policy. Any products on the warranty tab that offer a next day business day service will NOT be accepted via distribution as an RMA unless we pre-authorise it

Contact 0871 873 0909 to speak to UK based technical helpdesk

Product Specifications

Power Adaptor Type Power over Ethernet
Input Voltage 48 V DC to
Output Voltage 5 V DC to 12 V DC
Cable Length 100 m
Form Factor Power over Ethernet Adaptor
In The Box DWL-P50 P adaptor Quick Installation Guide Ethernet cable DC power cable with female power connectors
Dimensions 5.2 cm (W) x 8.09 cm (D) x 2.8 cm (H) - Weight 0.08 kg

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